SNS Dipping Powder

Introducing a new natural approach to stronger and healthier nails.

This trending method of dipping powder on top of brush on gel base contains vitamins A,E, D, B5, calcium and all the nutrients required to maintain healthy nails.

The stunning colour range will blow you away with it’s lasting durability and it’s glossy effect.

SNS dipping powder has no odour, no liquid, no primer and no UV light.

SNS nails are much thinner, light weight, easy to do and most importantly, helps your nails grow out stronger and healthier with its 5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium.

The resulting nail is both flexible and strong, so it combines the best of acrylics and of gels.

As for looks, SNS Gelous Dipping Powders give you head- turning beauty that lasts for a good 14 days. 

For further enquiries please contact your preferred ProfessioNail store.

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