ProfessioNAIL Waxing
Mens and Womens Waxing

Waxing is a popular form of semi-permanent hair removal – removing the hair from the root.

New hair will generally not grow back in the waxed area for four to six weeks.

Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic area (called bikini waxing), legs, arms, back,abdomen and feet.

At ProfessioNAIL we strive to make your waxing treatment a comfortable one.

Our therapists are trained to the highest standards to ensure you receive a fast, effective and virtually pain-free treatment at each visit.

We only use the highest quality products available and we always use non-recycled wax and sterilised equipment.

ProfessioNAIL waxing offers a range of  packages for both men and women.

Choose from arm and leg waxing, lip waxing, chin waxing, bikini waxing (including Brazilian waxing), eyebrow waxing, underarm waxing, chest and back waxing (for men) and much more.

Note: We do not perform bikini/Brazilian waxing for men.

Please make our technician aware if you are taking any medication that could affect your waxing experience.

For further enquiries please contact your preferred ProfessioNail store.

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