ProfessioNAIL’s missions are to:

As a company our mission is to provide luxury nail services at affordable prices around the world.

With our business partners, our mission is to:

Continue our growth as a global nail company that has a presence in each of the populated continents and offer business ownership opportunities to entrepreneurs around the world.

As a first step to fulfilling our mission, we have striven to pamper our customers by with the provision of full-service nail care at affordable prices.

In order to fulfill this step, we have taken an aggressive approach to establishing and providing to our customers luxurious and modern salons located in convenient and upscale shopping malls and lifestyle centres.

The second step has been to apply our unyielding service standard to all of our salons around the world.

To fulfill our mission, we are always looking for business partners who will join with us and embrace our rich heritage of hardworking entrepreneurial spirit and international scope, and who will conduct business with dignity and respect towards our customers, forging a long-term successful partnership.