Being an established and recognised brand with a fresh modern image, our emphasis is on ensuring that customer needs are always met.

Consequently, the retail mix of services and products is constantly reviewed to ensure that consumer demands are being met and the highest standard of service is being provided.

ProfessioNAIL’s customers enjoy first-class service at affordable prices.

Our boutique salons are synonymous with specialty services, quality merchandise, professional staff and convenient locations.

Due to our established and globally-recognized brand, we are able to secure premier locations within up-scale shopping malls and lifestyle centres, and our salons are open 7 days a week.

ProfessioNAIL’s target demographic is females aged 18 years and over.

These women are lifestyle consumers, who demand a unique experience in a modern salon that is convenient to their place of work or to their local community.

ProfessioNAIL’s customers have an eye for quality and demand a high level of service.

On average, a ProfessioNAIL customer will spend one hour in a ProfessioNAIL Salon and will purchase at least two services and one related product.

Facing limited competition, ProfessioNAIL dominates a growing market.

With a daily average of 100 customers per salon, ProfessioNAIL salons are proven to increase retail trade in the shopping mall or lifestyle centres in which they operate.

ProfessioNAIL is excited at the prospect of growing its business, as well as adding new products and services to its ever-expanding portfolio.