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Who Are We

an innovative nail salon

With 100s of stores across Australia and New Zealand, we at ProfessioNail pride ourselves in having a fantastic team that offers incredible treatments and unbeatable customer service at rates we can stand behind. We’ve been a mainstay for those who value top-notch services at affordable prices since 2000.


What started off as a small beauty and nail salon has grown significantly in both size and reputation. Stop by today or book an appointment with one of our fabulous crew members, and find out why our clients come back time and again.

Our History

Est. 1992

Founded in 1992 in the Jazz capital of the world, New Orleans in Louisiana,  the founder of ProfessioNAIL was one of the first entrepreneurs to recognise the potential of the rapidly expanding nail industry within continental United States and throughout the world.​

In those early days, ProfessioNAIL’s founder recognised that the world lacked a company which specialised in the provision of full service nail care at affordable prices.​

ProfessioNAIL was determined to fill that void.​

Since its establishment in 1992, ProfessioNAIL, which also operates under the trade name Nail Studio, has evolved into a globally-recognised brand that has approximately 200 nails salons in its portfolio, in shopping malls and lifestyle/power centres throughout America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Europe, and Asia.​

ProfessioNAIL has revolutionized the way consumers experience full service beauty and nail services around the world.

As of today, millions of customers around the world have had their nails pampered at our modern and luxurious salons – with millions more to come!

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